This Forum is a wealth of information

I just have to say that I have learned so much just by reading the post on this site. I want to thank everyone for they help that they are giving me just by helping others. So just know that you not only help the one you are posting to, but also so many others. I finally decided on two parrots, it will be a conure, and an Indian Ringneck . They each will have their own cage. I know that some people say IRN are not good for new parrot owners. But I have thought about this long and hard. I have studied books on everything on them and conures. I have to date 16 books that I have been reading and taking notes. ( Michael’s is one of them) I have watched you tube videos on them. I really have thought long and hard on the matter. It’s not like I went out for a pair of shoes and came home with a parrot. Anyway I won’t be able to go back to the bird store until Thurs. my day off. So we will see if its still there. I know that IRN a an aloof type of parrot and that it will take a lot of work, but I know I can handled it. The IRN is just been weaned. and is a normal (green). I have read about the other mutations being weaker because of breeding. I agree about that f/d, m/s s/b is just to much just to get a color. My conure is going to be a GCC or a SC. I might be adding to much to one post but here it is. This is what I have been thinking about on the mutations being weaker. if a normal is stronger, what if a normal comes from a clutch that has mutations in it. the normal could be split I think is the word you use in parrot breeding so would that not make the normal weaker, then if it came from two normal parents? Ok I am going to stop I could be here all day LOL.

I would urge you to stay away from any hybrids or color mutations and stick only to standard species. Is there a reason you’re not considering a rescue or rehome parrot? They can be just as good if not better. It hasn’t been 6 months since I adopted Santina and she’s as good with me as the birds I got as babies. Also is there a reason you are looking to immediately jump into two birds? If this is your first bird, you should stick to one until you have things figured out before even thinking about another.

Well Michael it will be only one or the other I want to go to the store and get to see them one more time before I decide on witch one. As for getting a rescue I was looking into it but they really don’t like the fact that I have a cat. I told them the cat would never meet the parrot, and that I had a bird room setup for the parrot. Also I have had cockatiels 30 yrs. ago. LOL. I know a lot of information has changed, that’s why I have been reading so much. I kind of got carried away about the two of them, it’s only going to be one. But yes a rescue is on my mind.

If a rescue would deny you, you should consider their objections regardless where you obtain a parrot from. Just cause a store will throw a parrot under a bus for the money doesn’t mean it’s right. Find a way to make it work and be safe and I’m sure rescues wouldn’t turn down an opportunity to adopt.

You seem to be putting a lot of thought and planning into this and I commend you for it! Just one word of caution, reading about a bird been difficult and watching videos on YouTube is not like living with one. In 99% of the videos, you only see the cutesy and good 5 minutes and none of the hours and hours of problems so, if I were you, I would listen to people who have the experience and stay away from the IRN. It’s not that they cannot work out. They can. But they require much more expertise, work and time than other parrots and that’s not good when it’s your first parrot for the simple reason that nobody knows how devoted a parrot keeper one is going to be until you have to live it day after day after day. It’s like having a child, everybody thinks they know how to care for them, what kind of parents they are going to be and that they are going to be great but some people just suck at it.As to rescue/adoption, don’t forget to check on Craigslist, Kijiji and Hoobly.

Pajarita thanks for the input and to Michael as well. I am leaning towards a GCC in this shop the lady has one that came up to the front of the cage when I walked up. About this parrot shop, this women is really good. When she weans the babies she weans them on a high quality pellet diet. Also every morning she gives all the bird fresh fruits and veggies. she really cares for the birds. I know how some shops can be and trust me, I stay away from the rest. as for the rescue I am going to join the rescue. The rescue here is a little like a parrot club also. they have guest speakers on parrot subjects. and also a news letter. All for fifty dollars a year. As for the youtube videos I know that at that moment they are at their best. I saw the video of Michael getting bit by Santina and you could see she was up on his arm was a little upset, but just went down and bit him, I saw the mark. Michael did it leave a scar? I was at a pet here about six weeks ago, and they had a caique a white belly. Well the women to him out and asked me if I would like to hold him and I said yes. the parrot stepped up on my finger looked at me and went right down and bit me, but the funny thing is he didn’t let go all he did was keep on digging into my hand. I gently took hold of his beak and pulled it away from my hand and put him back in the cage. I now have two little scars were he dug in. Once again thanks for the input and I will keep asking questions.