This grey needs your help

this african grey is not mine but this owner.This owner is looks like he is a good avain owner(I hope) however if his bird does not find a GOOD home in the week she will be sent to an avain shelter.I can’t take care of this bird I know the requirements of taking care of 1 (diet,training, environment,signs, reinforcing bad habits,etc.) my parents hates bird and besides she has non stick oil pans which kill birds.But enough about that, I just keep my eye on this parrot everyday hoping she will find a great home and now she might live in a avain shelter and get a stress disorder! Here is the link to this parrot. … Z466478817he can’t keep the bird b/c of his apartment rules! We must do something.

$1600? What a bargain! Why not make it $16,000?

I see that kind of thing way too often…people who are getting rid of their parrots, and at the same time tries to make a profit from it. It makes me rather sad tbh, these rescues deserve a nice home.

she will not get a stress disorder from going to an avian shelter. she’s still young and no plucking the shelter will find her a good home quickly and this man won’t get any money. as long as he’s sending her to a legitimate rescue she’ll be fine.