Tickle me silly

You may have seen it but this is awesome

I wish I could have a pet penguin. They’re so cute.

If there were no ethics, I’d love to have one

too cute! I got to play with baby penguins where I volunteer, we were socializing them one of the best experiences, they liked their necks scratched too. One got a little fiesty but it was just before feeding time

Giantmoa - where in CA are you? Where do you volunteer? I WANT TO PLAY WITH PENGUINS!!This video was just too cute!!

so cute!! i want one!!! o.o

I saw a video of that baby on TV the other night. When someone put their hand down he would run into it. Repeatedly.I was going to show my daughter the video of the parrot dancing to "Thriller" but lost track of it. Does anyone know where I can find it again?