Tip on leaving my bird while gone

Hello,I am going on vacation in about 2 months for 10days. My mom has agreed to watch Tak for me while I’m gone. As a thank you to my mom (with an ulterior motive) I’m buying her nonstick cookware that I will make sure she uses while I am gone. I found Cookware called OrGreenic kitchenware. https://www.orgreenic.com/Is this brand safe for birds? Sorry if I’m beating a dead horse with yet another nonstick cookware question, but I am defiantly not a kitchen body. I rarely cook ( I don’t use any type of nonstick when I do) and I know very little about the pots and pans themselves. So I have to apologize if this question has an obvious answere.Thanks!


Sounds safe from their description but looks too good to be true for that kind of price. Another alternative is to get cast iron, season it yourself ahead of time, and then lend it to her during the bird’s stay. Here is my experience with cast iron.


Thanks for the response. I was skeptical of the price as well. I decided against these because of the whole to good to be true thing, which I agree with. I can’t get cast iron because my mom and I both have glass stove tops (I use stainless steel cookware when I am compelled to cook). So I decided to research the topic.After many of hours on the Internet reasearching the topic I constantly came across praise for the GreenPan. I researched this particular cookware brand and am confident that it is safe to use with a bird in the house. I’m considering calling my vet tomorrow to be on the safe side. But I did order a set of these pans for my mom to use while watching my bird. She currently uses the Teflon and I don’t think I could convince her to use my stainless steel pans while I’m gone , she likes her nonstick too much. The price was a little steep but I always bring my bird with me to my moms house, and it would be convenient not to have to wait until she’s done cooking to go over or leave when she starts, so I think it was worth it.

Good plan! Let us know if those turn out good. When it comes to this kind of stuff and birds, I prefer to stick with time tested and well established products and not some new hot off the press gimicks. Pans are replaceable, pets are priceless.