To all you "regulars"

To all you “regulars”… moderators, staff, regular posters…THANK YOU! Y’all field a lot of wild, horrifying, clueless, sad, frantic inquiries and new posters…I couldn’t do it.But you do. And you offer advice, information, and support to people who may be a bird’s only hope for salvation.Patagonian HUGZSZSZSZSZSZSZZSZS!!!THANK YOU ALL!

Parrot people are strange and consider themselves as Parronts. We are concerned about the birds of other humans as well as ours and will help any time we can.

Thank you! That is one of the nicest things that I have heard In a long time.

Yes, indeed, thank you so much! Not that thanks are actually needed but it’s always nice to get them!

You are all so welcome!There are of course precious birds out there who benefit from your work.Like for instance, the loud/mean/messy Rickeybird, who thanks to you, no longer gets scrambled eggs for breakfast, among other changes. He would curse you if he could, but not me!!!

Well, I know that I speak for everybody here when I say that we are glad to be of help.