To Clip or Not to clip

TO CLIP OR NOT TO CLIPI have been thinking of clipping Mango’s wings but they are too beautiful to clip lol and it would probably take a year for them all to fully grow back I know he will be able to fly in a few months after but won’t have all his flight feathers until about a year.Im thinking it will help him with his fear of hands since he won’t be flying away and will stay close to me to get used to me and he has been doing good stepping on the perch.Should I CLIP or NOT.

Aren’t you supposed to be some kind of bird expert?

shonie777 wrote:Aren’t you supposed to be some kind of bird expert? No of course im not and whats that supposed to mean? Nobody would calls themselves an expert everybody is still learning everyday.

Nevermind I decided I wanna keep him fully flighted and it would be my first time taming a flighted bird well excluding my past budgies.