Today would have been Wolf's bday

He would have been 63 today…

How are his birds doing?

Wow, way too young to go.

Michael wrote:How are his birds doing?The ones I took are doing great. Harley has now a little flock and his beak doesn’t get as overgrown as it did at the beginning but he is beginning to favor his left leg… Paquita is fully feathered and continues to be The Queen Of Mean even when it gets her in trouble. The day after I posted my update, I saw that she was not in her usual spot as I walked through the living room to go upstairs so I walked over closer to check on her and saw that she had something dark above her beak and that it was open but she did not have labored breath. Upon closer inspection, I saw that it was blood and that her upper beak had a crack going from the top of it on her left side to approximately halfway down the length! She has this habit of trying to bite anything and anybody who gets close to her cage by putting her beak through the bars so I am thinking that another bird must have crushed it. I looked inside and she had a bit of blood right before the choanae and the whole thing looked bruised. She was on Metacam for three days and antibiotics for a week, I also put the heating pad in her cage and gave her birdy bread for two days for dinner as well as her usual budgie seed mix. The first day I handfed her twice and the second day once but I stopped after that because she was eating on her own and still fighting off the world all by herself even with her bruised and cracked beak! What a little warrior she is! They should have named her Hippolyta instead of Paquita!