Tough laws don't protect enough

This is a very interesting piece and something I had not thought about but it makes sense that it would happen and not only in third world countries because look what is happening in California with the drought (the rich pay exorbitant amounts for water so their huge gardens remain green while the poor have to take less showers) … 095827.htm

I hadn’t thought about it either, but in most places the rich do take pride in conspicuous consumption. I suppose the same impulse would lead some people to enjoy breaking the law in what may seem to them like small ways.

Small ways, big ways not much difference I think as it appears to me that it is the concept of being beyond the reach of prosecution, thus the idea of being above or beyond the law. It is a power thing not really a money thing. Money is just part of the concept as in most places money is considered to be an expression of ones power. In many cases while the rich are flaunting what appears to be a small law, the cause many other laws to be broken in order to fulfill the little one that you see. The water thing in California is nothing, but the trade in birds, quite another as these people whole obtain these birds have no qualms about killing anyone to avoid detection and capture.