Trivia: lost japanese budgie speaks its address

This is a newsarticle in Dutch, but I imagine it can be sourced in other languages. … huis.dhtmlIt says that a budgie was captured by a hotel guest and delivered to the police, where it immediately started speaking its address.The owner, an 64-y old lady had lost another bird once and therefore decided to teach this one her address.

I’ve not read it but thats amazing if it is true. I’ve heard of people teaching phone numbers before but not addresses. In theory it’s a brilliant idea but a bit of a pain if you end up moving though.

What an awesome idea! Animal lover

Cool, I heard about that. CVersailles on YouTube has taught her budgie her address in case he gets lost, just dunno what will happen if they move house just ran across this article from 2008 with an African Grey this time, and again in Japan.It seems to be a thing they do there.