Trying to convince El Salvador govt to allow us to take Bree

FACEBOOK GROUP: PERMISION PARA LA MUDANZA DE BRIGITTEMy wife will be relocating from El Salvador to the USA in the coming months. El Salvador’s government is telling us that we cannot take our parrot – a fairly common breed, amazona autumnalis red-lored/cachete amarillo – with us. We’ve had Brigitte (Bree) since she was a baby, since 2004.We have a lot of documentation showing how long we’ve had out parrot (since she was a baby), that it’s our pet and can’t survive in the wild, that we are its only two strong bonds and a new family just won’t do, and that VERY IMPORTANTLY the El Salvador Ministry of Agriculture rules against export/the bird leaving as our pet are TOTALLY baseless. They are claiming it’s listed on CITES…yet amazona autumnalis cachetes amarillos/red lored is NOT even a native species and is nowhere in danger of extinction.We are currently demonstrating veterinary records, life-long photos (since 2004) etc., etc.Has anyone any experience in dealing with this?Edit/Delete Message

I’m sorry, I don’t have any experience with this. However, I looked at CITES lists online and I only see these Amazon species, some of which are fairly common, but none match your description: Red necked amazon Amazona arausiacaYellow shouldered amazon Amazona barbadensisRed tailed amazon Amazona brasiliensisLilac crowned amazon Amazona finschiSt. Vincents amazon Amazona guildingiiImperial amazon Amazona imperialisCuban amazon Amazona leucocephalaSub species double yellow headed amazon Amazona auropalliata ochrocephalaSub species double yellow headed amazon Amazona ochrocephala belizensisSub species double yellow headed amazon Amazona ochrocephala caribaeaDouble yellow headed amazon Amazona ochrocephala oratrixSub species double yellow headed amazon Amazona ochrocephala parvipesSub species double yellow headed amazon Amazona ochrocephala tresmariaeRed spectacled amazon Amazona pretreiRed browed amazon Amazona rhodocorythaTucuman parrot Amazona tucumanaSt. Lucia amazon Amazona versicolorVinaceous amazon Amazona vinaceaGreen cheeked amazon Amazona viridigenalisPuerto Rican amazon Amazona vittata

I bought back lots of amazons back in the late 70s early 80sand we only needed a permit from a vet stating that you had owned the bird prior to cities ,I’mnot sure about the export of your bird, however ,Import of a pet into the US is not a big deal.Let me know if i can help’ I might still have a few contacts.