Uncle Sandy's Macaw Bird Park In Pensacola Hit By Hurricane Sally

I just wanted to keep you guys in the loop. Our friends over at Unlce Sandy’s had a lot of damage from hurricane Sally. In their Facebook post, they said that all the birds are fine and that a Go Fund Me account would be created for the birds because money is needed to fix cages, etc right now. I will keep you guys updated and let you know when the Go Fund Me account is created so you can donate if you wish.

I have been there and volunteered at this parrot sanctuary. They are GREAT people and a GREAT organization who are trying to do good by these animals. If you happen to be in the Pensacola area, feel free to give them a call and see if they need help with clean up or anything. Here are some pictures of the damage.

Their Facebook post states the following:

The birds are FINE.
The property at the bird sanctuary had some damage from Hurricane Sally. We have lost some buildings, had several cages destroyed by downed trees, that also took our multiple water lines and fences.
However, ALL BIRDS SURVIVED without any harm.
We are now in cleanup mode. Inspecting cages. And putting birds back outside if possible.
FYI… we will soon be starting a GO FUND ME for the birds.
With COVID and the park being closed to visitors (we know of several birds that passed when their companion got COVID), we have been taking it safe to protect the flock.
Now there is a need to purchase additional shipping containers and repair buildings, cages, and fences.
Thanks for ALL THE PRAYERS, it is a true blessing that our damage was not more. Several trees fell between the cages instead of on them.