Uncommon friends

Our Catalina, Merlyn, is in love with our Tuxedo kitty, Aowyn, and will coo and purr to her whenever she is near him. As you see here, he will purr in her ear and then try to feed her and she is not so thrilled about that

I couldn’t imagine being a cat and waking up to that huge beak in my face. Beautiful bird. And beautiful cat!

I can’t imagine letting my cat anywhere near one of my birds. Beautiful macaw though - is s/he a hybrid?

Thank you to both of you. Aowyn tolerates Merlyn, that’s all I can say. My long-haired tiger cat, Maxximus Orangmus, actually sleeps on top of my Jardine’s cage. All of our animals are very well acquainted and “appreciate” each other, lets just say. One bite on the nose from a Hahn’s and none of our cats need to be told twice where they can’t stick their noses. And yes, Merlyn is a hybrid - Catalina macaw, which is a cross between a B&G and a scarlet. Their color differs depending on which species their mother was. Very similar in coloring to our Harlequin, which is a B&G/Greenwing hybrid. Catalinas are more orange where Harlequins are more red. Only difference is that Catalinas are a natural hybrid that happen in the wild where Harlequins are man-made.