Update on 20 parakeets

Hiii, so if many of you remember, i had 20 birds. yes a lot i know, but i have good newsss!9 of those birds got adopted!mostly as pairs though, and yes i did run a couple of tests on the people to know that the parakeets were in good hands.this was just a quick update since i havent posted in a while

That’s great! But, please, do not keep on breeding them…

Pajarita wrote:That’s great! But, please, do not keep on breeding them…Yes, i have stopped breeding them and recently their has been no breeding activity.

FABULOUS! You must have a pretty steep learning curve to be able to stop them from breeding so fast! Double kudos to you!

Thank you! Actually they same way happier without always breeding so, i want to thank you for opening my eyes to see that breeding wasnt doing them any good.

Of course they are happier not breeding all the time! They are not only healthier that way, they also don’t suffer the physical and emotional stress of unnaturally producing sexual hormones all the time - something that Nature made sure it never happens. And, in the long term, it saves their lives because female birds use up to 25% of their reserves to lay each egg so, when they lay all the time, they end up depleted, get sick and die.