Update on Edmund's buddy

After the sudden death of Percy- we were offered a cockatiel viewing by a different breeder associated with the centre we got Percy from.I have to say this went very well, I was very impressed by the standards of which they are kept and the condition of the birds. Although they are parent raised they are still familiar with humans and will come and greet you, even the younger tiels!We spent an hour looking around and then sat down with breeder and explained about Edmund and what had happened with Percy. The breeder was very understanding and showed us all his paperwork (even though we had this with Percy) so reassure us. We got to play with his personal tiels which he doesn’t use for breeding, they are all very tame. He had a new spangled tiel which was bout 7 months old and he was SOOOOOO tame- like Eddie tame! He said he never hand rears his birds and only gets involved if its absolutely necessary for the birds health but because they spend so much time around humans they are very accustomed to it.All in all, we have put our reservation in for a male (all the ones ready to go ones were reserved)- he doesn’t breed them until they drop he likes them to have a rest and be birds not breeding machines which I was very impressed with. So many places just breed and breed and breed until they drop! It will take a while for the new chicks he had to be ready (maybe up to more three months) and we wanted to choose from a selection which he completely understood too. So far very happy but we are looking into other breeders for comparison as well. Our reservation is non obligation.

Please keep us updated.