Very Trusting Parrot Parents AMAZING

I had always thought that breeding pairs of and other parrots were ALWAYS extremely defensive of their eggs and chicks no matter what relationship you’ve had with them before. I have to say that this Youtube channel melted my heart. It wasn’t just the cute chicks but also the wonderful relationship that the owner and pair have.Is this simply a fluke? I hope it isn’t and there is some method having loving owners breed their companions instead of wild caught birds may help with wild parrot conservation!

I think it’s possible, just rare. Most people don’t have that kinda relationship before hand either.

No, it would not help with parrot conservation at all because the goal is for the chicks produced to be returned to the wild so imprinting on humans is a no-no.It is not only rare, it is VERY rare. Parrots are not naturally aggressive animals but they would still defend their nests and babies from even other birds. But, if you look closely, you will see that although she readily accepts the head caresses, when the human put her hand down to touch one of the babies, she quickly turned her head and grabbed it with her beak as saying "Don’t go there!"What puzzled me was that the adult was not covering the chicks even though they were not been fed at the time…

CaitlinRice413 wrote:I think she meant that it would help by breeding parrots already in captivity and not having to take them out of the wild. So many breeders treat their birds like egg laying machines and it doesn’t last long. Awful.Its very possible to have this kind of relationship with your parrots who are breeding, you just don’t see it a lot because people don’t prioritize a relationship with their breeding pairs. Yes that’s it precisely! The difficulty of keeping birds that HATE you would discourage many. I’ve been in contact with this lady. She believes that she is lucky in the mother. The father has never liked her, however, and will still bite. She also claims that taking the babies out and then returning them encouraged this trust. She got the benefits of hand-rearing the chicks and the ease of letting the parents feed them.The father’s hostility still indicates that the instinct is strong however.

OK, I see now where you were coming from but it still would not help much because wild-caught birds are HUGELY priced by breeders (they breed more often, larger clutches and healthier babies as well as longer because they are much healthier than captive-bred due to natural selection)