Vet bills, vet we go again

I figure if I don’t laugh I’ll cry Nothing major though, silly bird slipped climbing down and in trying to catch herself pulled a muscle in her leg/foot. She’s still putting weight on it and doing her normal routine—but she’s not gripping my hand as strongly as normal—and its been a few days no major improvements so in she goes Saturday (I REALLY HATE WHEN VETS CHANGE THEIR HOURS TO ONLY WEEKENDS WHEN THEY’RE THE ONLY COMPETENT ONES IN THE CLINIC ).I suppose the good news is that they’ll take an x-ray and I can see what state her proventriculus is in compared to last year Ponders another upside of all the vet visits I’ve had to make (between Sully my old tiel, Jacko, my silly python who likes to wedge himself in places and the leopard gecko who’s fat n constipated) I suppose is they know me by name, give me special discounts AND offer me a payment plan that I can pay as desired

Oh poor thing. I hope its nothing more than a slight sprain.I know how you feel, I’m practically living at the vets at the moment and it’s a pain the neck when you cant get hold of the vet.Let us know how you go.

That’s what I’m hoping too, I still know its gonna be about $200 dollars for sure (and that’s just for a sprain–is it bad that you can tell how much the vet bill will be because you know off by heart how much the tests cost and how many they’ll do? ) but life has this funny way of cramming everything together!In this month alone lol Chakra (the leopard gecko) had to be brought in for her bloated belly and $270 later she’s at home—just fat. Ihysius (my pastel ball python) wormed his way under the car seat and pulled muscles while he was getting wrangled out (with a scary pop! i might like to add—turns out their spines can pop like our joints) and that was $191…And now my babygirl thought she’d round it out Which brings my total to… $670 when you factor in Jackosighs all in the name of love, all in the name of love…and credit cards.Best part? They’ll be seeing me the first week of October for her bi-monthly nail trim—as always

Yea, it never just rains does it? I’m pretty glad I’ve got enough in savings to pay for whatever tests my birds need. I have no money for myself but I’ve never been tempted to dig into my animal fund thank god. I’m hoping I wont have to use all of it so i have money for them in the future but if I need to I will. Animals are blummin expensive but they will always come first!