Vet charged with animal cruelty

This story is a reminder that just because somebody is a veterinarian, it doesn’t mean that he/she actually loves animals. And it’s one of many stories of veterinarians that do awful things… I just read a report put out by the NY Veterinarians Association where they actually brag about being able to kill several proposals of laws protecting animals. I am adding a link for it under the one on the vet but, basically, what it says is that their goal is to keep animals as property and for the veterinarians not to be regulated in what they can and cannot do. The laws proposed were to ban declawing in cats, debarking in dogs, to give written notes on the medications they prescribe for the pets, to make animal abuse reporting mandatory, etc in short, all measures that benefit the animals and their owners but they fought against them and they won for the simple reason that they have more money than the non-profit organizations working to make animals lives better. Read it for yourself and you will be horrified like I was… It is, if nothing else, a real sad commentary on their commitment to animals wellbeing and their moral standing, isn’t it? … 7370-story … Wrapup.pdf

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