Vet visits can we talk

HiI have a question for you all, or those that take their birds to the vets.First do you only take your bird to the vet when you think its ill, or do you do regular check ups?Do you do any prepping to get your bird ready to go, like ? I know no one likes a visit the to Drs, but how do your birds deal with this? and are they upset or calm by the time you get home? Do they Very nicely step out of their carrier to your hand in the exam room??? My vet told me one of his patients a Huge Red wing? Macaw is so calm it will put its head on the Drs shoulder while he looks him over! Here is a problem that I am dealing with. I don’t take Scooter unless I think there is a problem,BECAUSE she HATES it. The few times we have gone, we get into the exam room and we all take about her while she is sitting in her carrier. Then it happens ( I even tell them its going to happen) I go to get her out and she BOLTS ends up flapping to the floor and running from everyone even me! I get so upset because I know she is upset, then when she is toweled we have to worry if her wings are tucked it ok, and she screams the death scream that just makes me Have to sit down! Then once she is in the towel, its a tiny bit better. I mean, if she could get to anyone’s hands/fingers she would take it off! Here is my thought NEXT time we have to go I will Towel her myself, while in the car, this won’t bother her then go from the car straight to the exam room. Does anyone have to do anything like this? Or can you give me any tips to make this any better?

I watch my birds like a hawk twice a day and I have a bit of experience in identifying subtle symptoms so I only take the young, healthy ones to the vet when there is a problem but I take all of them for a first wellness exam when I get them so I know where I stand, and the older ones get taken about once a year or every 18 months for their blood work because most of them came to me with liver and/or kidney issues and I need to know whether they are doing OK, getting better or worse.If the vet and/or technician allowed the bird to come out of the carrier on her own even though you told them she would freak out, it’s is their fault. They should towel the bird while in the carrier to avoid the possibility of her getting hurt. Now, none of them likes going to the vet -none of them likes going to an unfamiliar place with unfamiliar people or animals around them because this could mean danger and even death (parrots are prey animals) so don’t worry about her been upset. It’s normal and she will get over it.You can try toweling her in the car but she might have to stay toweled for a long time and that’s terribly stressful to them so I would just make sure they do what they are supposed to do the right way and towel the bird from the carrier or just do it yourself so they cannot screw it up.

Rambo is easy. All I have to say is "want to go bye bye" and he is on the move. He talks all the way and in the waiting room. We do just fine coming out of the carrier like he is the one in charge. He steps up on the scale. It is the towel that freaks him out.Myrtle is a booger to catch and put in the carrier. She travels in silence. When I open the cage door she comes out like a bat and flies around the room until she lands on me. She will step on the scale. She also freaks when they come out with the towel.I have asked many times if I can hold them and it is always no because he is afraid I will get bit.I would rather risk a bite then to have them scared.

Because of the stress caused by toweling your bird for a visit to the vet I thought that this may be useful here viewtopic.php?f=11&t=12970

hiThankfully Scooter is not afraid of the towel, we have played in one for years, she loves to get under the covers with me and play, and when I do laundry I have always tossed it on the bed and I usually toss something on top of her while I fold, then we play peek a boo to find her.Rambo sounds like a doll. Is Myrtle mad when she comes home…Scooter usually has to take a nap.

She doesn’t hold it against me. They get a French fry on the way home. I do 18 month checkups so it is rare to get a French fry.When I say home she is ready to get back in the carrier and car.I bought harnesses but don’t know what box they are in. I think she would prefer a harness to a carrier. I will use them in the yard so they don’t think a harness means the vet.