Vets can be bad!

This is just one single example (there are myriad, actually) that just because a person is a veterinarian, it doesn’t mean it’s a good person or that it even likes, much less loves animals! They are the group that donates the most money to PIJAC to fight every single bill we try to put through protecting animals better than they are now. … to-taiwan/

Yikes, that’s terrible.

Thats’s nothing. There was an avian vet that traveled all over the South that went around sexing babies by laparoscopy (which implies making an incision on the side of the abdomen) without anesthesia and using the same instruments over and over without sterilization to the point that he was banned from several states (but bird breeders still used him because he only charged $5 a bird) - can you imagine the pain and emotional trauma those poor babies suffered? It must have scarred them for life!And there was one, here in Jersey, that told a couple their dog was terminal and that it needed to be put down but kept the dog alive for months, living in a cage, so he could use his blood for transfusions! They only found out because a technician that worked there contacted them.And then there are the unnecessary mutilations they do all the time (ear cropping, tail docking and, worst of all declawing cats) as if they were perfectly acceptable from a moral point of view - and the euthanasia of perfectly healthy animals just because the owners wanted it. And then there is the ‘run of the mill’ veterinarian that tells you that your animal needs this or that when it doesn’t and the monsters that work at the USDA labs experimenting on animals…There are good ones but one needs to use judgement because just because a person becomes a veterinarian, it doesn’t mean he loves animals or that he is any good. I have three vets - well, actually, four. Dr. Yablon is my dog and cat primary (excellent!), Dr. Heeb is at the wellness clinic I use for the feral cats and kittens I rescue (and she is GREAT and very generous with meds always giving me extra because she knows the volume I handle), Dr. Lumis is my avian vet (and he is not only very good, he is also very reasonable) and then there is whoever is at the 24/7/365 emergency clinic that does dogs, cats and birds but I only go there when something happens in the middle of the night or the weekend which is VERY rare because I keep on top of my animals health very closely.

I have lost a number of pets due to misinformed info. Don’t believe that your vet knows best. Go with what you feel about the info that he has given you. Don’t accept that your pet has to be put down. Get a second opinion.

100% correct! And, if necessary, look for a third opinion, too!