Visiting parents for holidays

This could not be going worse. My parents always expect me to stay for the full length of the longer vacations from school. Naturally, I have to bring Conrad with me. My mom didn’t bother to tell me she was terrified of anything that flies until after I’d had him for a month. Conrad is extremely social, and especially likes women, so he always wants to fly to her and land on her head. Unfortunately, she doesn’t see this as the adorable display of curiosity that I do. Everyone in my family is terrified of him and scream like caged monkeys when he lands on their shoulders. He’s normally really shy about leaving the room I’m in, but today he got away from me twice in a row and flew into the kitchen. They of course screamed which scared him, so he flew around the house like crazy for a full five minutes before I was able to get him. Now he’s been banished to my bedroom for the rest of the week. He’s in a strange environment, and prone to screaming anyway, so anytime I leave him in my room alone, he shrieks so loudly the whole house can hear him. So I can either socialize with my family and leave him to scream himself hoarse, or snub my family to keep him happy. This is only a five day break. I cringe at the thought of two weeks like this in December. But wait! There’s more! In my absence, my mom has started an indoor herb garden with one of those lights in my room. Conrad was sitting on it, looking out the window, I took my eyes off of him for a minute, and when I looked back, he’s have destroyed a plastic screw in the top. I haven’t told my rents yet, but they are bound to find out about it. Ugh! What a nightmare! Anyone have any tips for making this bearable?

Move his cage around with you. Let him out when you are in the bedroom. She can’t complain if he is in the cage socializing. Then she can get attached to your “funny baby” when he can’t get on her.

That would be a really good idea if his cage were mobile. I thought since he’d be here for longer than usual, instead of making him stay in his travel cage, I’d convert a very large rabbit cage for him that my mom retired after her rabbit grew to the size of a cat and she got him a rabbit condo (seriously, it has multiple floors). It’s massive. The only mobile thing I have for him is his carrier, which he hates.

My mom was afraid of birds (from the Hitchcock movie) but she came out of her comfort zone and she really likes my birds. They preened her hair and sat on her shoulder. Overcoming fears is important try that as you don’t have many options.

Your forgetting that Moms accept any situation to get their kids to visit.My mother let a ferret run loose in her house so I would visit.My son brings his 2 really bad daukson girls with him to visit.Look what I am dealing with to have my daughter with me. 5 extra dogs, 4 extra cats, 2 tiels, 2 lovies and a guinie pig.

If your parents really want to be with you for the holidays, I think they will compromise.

Thanks everyone. I think I’ll take his travel cage along this time so that they can get to know him without getting scared by his flight. He’s been a bit too bold in that house anyway. He is normally so shy about leaving the room I am in at may apartment, but he does it at my parents house. All he has to do is pull that stunt while someone is opening a door and he could be in a lot of trouble. I’ll just have to give him lots of time to fly around in my bedroom, which is secure.

thats good that u got it under control, yesterday was kinda scary for me though, i haven’t let my bird out yet since he is still a little scared of me and I don’t want him spazzing out and getting hurt but I leave the cage door open and he usually chills on the door but for some reason yesterday he decided to take off and fly. I was just sitting on my laptop and he flies and then goes down into a corner. Luckily I had like a round pole on the ground and he was calmly sitting there. but I ended up having to towel him to get him back in the cage and he took it quite well. He didn’t even move when he was under the towel. Hes happy and good though nothings wrong with his wings and we are going good I just gotta be more careful as I have over 1000000000 different things in my room.

I don’t see why your mom would necessarily have to endure your parrot… Why ? It’s her house, her rules, her peace and quiet.Find a babysitter, that’s all ! I’m not bringing my bird to my mom’s, why would I bother her with a screaming Eclectus for 5 days during Christmas, even though he only does it a few times a day ? You have to be respectful too, you know. I’m a mom, by the way, and i wouldn’t cope with just any critter my kids would bring. You have to draw the line somewhere…

sidech wrote:Find a babysitter, that’s all ! For two weeks? During the holiday season? I understand where you are coming from, and I’d like to bypass all this nonsense if I could, but these factors make your solution impossible. Besides, if all goes according to plan, Conrad will be around for some time to come. Ideally, I’d like to find a permanent solution to this issue that acts like more of a compromise.