Volunteering For A Parrot Rescue Center

Hey guys! I haven’t had really anyone to tell this too, but I volunteered for a parrot foundation. Im very excited to see what its like to work closely with birds, because I think I may do something related to birds or animals when I go to college. Does anyone know what I should bring besides what I listed below? Thanks for reading! -Rainboots-Gloves-Small med kit (incase I get bit) -Lunch/Water-Notepad to take notes

Welcome to the forum and thank you so much for volunteering! Rescues are always in dire need of help. As to your list, no gloves, birds hate them. And the only thing you might need as far as first aid goes is a couple of band-aids. I doubt you will need lunch because birds usually rest in the middle of the day and volunteers are mostly needed early in the am to clean, water and feed. By lunch time, everything is done and the birds are usually back in their cages or roosting perches chilling out.