Waiting for a molt

Been waiting since July for my irn to molt. She had a partial molt of just her head feathers in September. She was clipped before I got her, and will turn one in a week. Waiting for a clipped bird to be able to fly again is so stressful.

Haha yeah, I just recently went through that with my Senegal. It was about a 2 month process from when she started dropping her flight feathers to when she was fully flighted again. It was pretty amazing to watch her go from controlled falling to doing laps around the house in stages. I haven’t even really considered clipping her again after that. Enjoy the experience

It’s so funny you posted today. I noticed during Ace’s bath this morning that two flights are coming in! I never saw the clipped feathers come out, but they were clipped so short they would be hard to notice.