Wanted - Birds items for small rescue - Omro WIS

I am in need of some bird items if you have any laying around that is getting no use. I felt bad, I had to turn two umbrella cockatoos away, just because I am lacking in a few items,big parrots are a little more complex, I have 2 fosters working for me, doing the best they can. Holidays are over now calls are flowing in. If anyone would like to donate some items if they want to mail/ship it or drop off please let me know,I can give my mailing address, located in Omro, Wisconsin,I can pick up large or many items in the Winnebago county area. It would be very much appreciative and it would help most definitely unfortunate soul. I do have birds up for adoption(small birds to large parrots) if interested, but I don’t do shipping. I am always happy when a bird has a home.If interested please call me (920) 252 - 0099Can visit my website at clicking the linkhttp://magdaslittleaviary.weebly.com/Items in need:* Bird cages of all sizes, in most need Large flight cage and macaw size cages* Perches of all sizes* Toys in fair shape* Newspaper* Bird seed/pellets* Hamster water bottles of all sizes* Another parrot play stand* Or just things your bird(s) don’t use