Weird Behavior in Baby African Grey

Hello, I adopted a baby african grey about a month and half ago. The first week he was a bit aggressive, but ended up calming down and was super sweet, loved being out of his cage and loved scratches. However just a few days a go his behavior has completely changed. Hes extremely mouthy and bites pretty hard and just doesn’t seem to want to interact much. He whines and growls when he is biting my hand. Does anyone have any advice on how to stop the biting?

I believe birds go thru a ‘teething stage’… w/ my baby Lovebirds, I just immobilized their head and looked them straight in the eye, saying “no biting” … [If you handle them even a few minutes a day, the handfeds will stay tame for a long time even if you don’t handle them for awhile]… This immobilization tactic didn’t work for my Maroon Belly Conures-- just made them mad… For my Senegals… I found that ‘crying’ worked to make them remorseful… Hope some of this helps… Pat.

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Ok, that makes me feel a bit better! I was worried I accidentally did something wrong, but I had no clue what. I’ve noticed yesterday he seems to be doing better, still a bit bitey but definently better that a few days ago.

Now that I’m re-reading your Q, almost sounds like he’s playing/ rough housing w/ fellow sibble birdies… have you tried rough housing back, but using a stuffed animal? … Pat.

At the time, I did use toys to see if he was playing, thinking maybe that was what he was doing, but he would start to growl very loud almost as if he was mad and he would sometimes go for my hand and bite fairly hard. He’s stopped doing it all together and pretty much never bites anymore though, so I don’t what he was doing.