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Welcome to Avian Forums!
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Lets face it, there are so many people getting their first bird for the first time every week. I was one of those people a few months ago. I remember buying my baby girl from the women that raised her and I felt like I asked every question that could have been asked about my bird… boy was I wrong.

Come to find out, there would be so many questions that would surface such as: can she it this, can she eat that, can she sleep with us, what age should she start bathing, what age should I harness .

those are just some that I can think of off the top of my head. It is no secret that these questions had been asked before and you could look with a google search, but to be honest, not one question fits every bird. Birds are unique and they have their own behaviors and timings for certain things. People realized this and began joining forums and asking questions that were tailored towards their bird. This lead to the rise of avian forums all around the web.

There is one problem .

As I mentioned earlier, after a long time of doing research I decided to get my first bird a few months ago. I googled around and searched for forums to ask my questions in hopes of a detailed, informative response tailored towards my bird.

Quick note: don’t get hung up on the word tailored. basically this means you give enough detail in your question on so the reader can provided a good response.

I noticed the unsecure, unproductive, non community driven hand full of bird forums that bird entheusiest and lovers had to choose from. To be fair, I am a Software Engineer so I do see some things about websites that others may not. boy were these forums outdated. Some of them would only let you create an account with certain email addresses, some of the most popular ones were transferring user data over an http connection (your password and data is not encrypted over this prototcol. ) and the list goes on. Not to mention they were not even mobile friendly so looking at the site on your phone was HORRIBLE!

We live in an age of usability and users expect certain things from websites. They expect it to work on a mobile phone, for it to look good, and for it to be snappy! Non of these parrot/avian forums could keep up with the need. I think it was the fact that the owners do not know how to manage one so they did not see a need in keeping them up-to-date and secure. Some of the forums are running software from 05…makes me cringe!

The important part

I could not help but wonder how many new bird owners did not ask a question because of the reason mentioned earlier. Not only that, but how many birds lives could have been improved from getting a good response to someones question? That is was really hit home. So, I decided to create Avian Forums. I literally created it yesterday so I think there is only one post on there but I plan for it to grow as more people introduce themselves.

Avian Forums is built on a platform that allows the forums to be community driven. You can engage in searchable discussions with other bird lovers, create a self-service hub of common questions, interesting ideas, and useful discussion, it has a built in automatic trust system that lets the whole community help cultivate fruitful conversation, and much more!

In the end, I hope this drives more people to ask questions about their bird in hopes of them receiving a good response and in return their bird living a higher quality of life.

Just wanted to say hello from Kansas.

Hi from Memphis, TN! The post was shared and here I am :smile: