What are you'r parrots bad/annoying habits?

I’m pretty sure that it’s just her way of playing, but Tilly keeps going down the back of my shirt, and then climbing to the bottom then back up and out my sleeve. She bites on the way down though.Also she has got a thing for ripping pieces of jewelry out/off. She pulls out earings and watch crowns. Which means taking everything like that off before holding her.Does annyone know a way of training her out of these bad habits?And what does your parrot do to annoy you?Anyhow, I think she justs thinks of these things as a game, what do you think?

Birds are attracted to bright shiny objects and as far as I know there is no way to train this out of them. Such little pieces of metal and plastic are dangerous for them, so removal of these items is the best way to deal with this.

wolf is right you just keep it out of reach. homes of humans with bird look a lot different than non bird homes.your bird is not actually biting you when it goes down your back. it is trying to hold on.myrtle has began to torment me. I love this girl dearly but there are days that she really pushes my buttons. she understands what i say and the house rules. some days, and it lasts all day, she will do something that she knows she is not aloud to do just to make me tell her to stop it or get down. she do.es it right away just so i will say good bird when she does. as soon as my back is turned she will do it again. if i don’t see her she will make a noise to draw my attention.

Apparently Myrtle wants more attention and knows one surefire way to get it. All that I can say is she is smart. I have been thinking about it and only two things come to mind that my birds do that bother me at all so far. Kiki will land on my shoulder or back while I am busy doing something and if I don’t stop what I am doing so that she can perch there without hanging on she will smack me in the back of my head with her beak. She can actually hit quite hard for such a small bird. The other thing is also Kiki, she love my coffee maker and if she can get into the kitchen she flies to it and perches on top of it and takes up her defensive posture and will attack when I ask her to get off of it. Being a Senegal, she does not bite without removing a chunk of flesh.

My bird has recently picked up the habit of wanting to eat my food. I never really let her of course, unless if I know it’s ok for her to. It started with one piece of cereal. She just came up and took it from the bowl. I let her, thinking she probably wouldn’t like it. Boy was I wrong. She ran to the other side of the table like she just stole a treasure from a sacred temple, and ate it. Now, I just try and shield my food from her. Hasn’t had my cereal since, but she still tries.Craziest part is, I’ll put food on the table for her to eat, and yet she just wants mine. As a friend of mine says: “The forbidden actions are the most fun”.

Oh, there are several things… Sweetpea: fly down to the floor and bite my shoes steal food from me (especially real bad stuff for him like butter or cream cheese) climb up and down the front of my shirt CONTINUOUSLY for 10 minutes at a timeZoey: fly to Isis’ cage and pester herIsis: fly to the top of the fridge and munch on the French bread making holes in it fly to the third floor when I am on the first which forces me go up and down the stairs every five minutes to make sure she is OK because she doesn’t answer when I callLinus: chew on the window and door moldings even though he has wood specifically provided for this purposeFreddie: jump on me as I walk by and NOT let go for anything so I have to actually take my shirt off to get him off me.Pookey: fly to the molding on top of the door and stick her head in the opening every time the door is openedBabyboyd: hide in the farthest corner of the birdroom and not answer when I call herZeus and Precie: decide that the two biggest cages in the birdroom belong to them and ‘guard’ them when I try to clean themNando: chew holes in my clothesMami: scream bloody murder when she hears any other bird screaming so you end up with parrot cacophony in stereoBut, as you can see, they are all small things and not that very annoying after all…

Well, it certainly doesn’t make life boring. I feel my life has gotten 100% more exciting since I got my trouble-maker of a cockatiel. She’s cute, but man, can she be a handful!

After reading Pajarita’s list of things, there are a few more things, I guess, but I have always just considered them to be birds doing bird things and never really got bothered by them. I mean what is a bird to do all day except for bird things that may or may not make sense to humans?

all this leads me to wonder, in their eyes what weird habbits we must have! hehe

Yes, Wolf, I agree wholeheartedly that all the things I listed as inconveniences are nothing but normal parrot behavior, something we all need to learn to live with. I just thought it was interesting to list how all the birds have different things they do that I wish they wouldn’t.