What do you want?

If you could have 1 new parrot product arrive on your doorstep, what would you like? Is your parrot dream-doodaa a new cage? A tree? A new set of perches? A box of toys? What would you really like to have for your bird?

Definitely a big outdoor aviary Or a bunch of great new natural toys.

Easy! A winning lottery ticket! Not directly parrot related, but I’d be able to get a house with lots of open parrot flying friendly space, an outdoor aviary, and last but not least, I’d have all the time in the world with my baby boy

Agree with the others, definitely an outdoor aviary… although a lottery ticket would be badass too, lol

Yep, me too, an outdoor aviary.

Hmm… I have no idea what my parents would think of an outdoor aviary. I would love one, but Peanut would probably get too stressed, she’s shy. I mean, an aviary would be like the most amazingest thing ever, but I would probably not use it for Peanut because knowing her, the poor bird would be so afraid. Hmm… let’s see, a lifetime supply of toys, food, cleaning supplies, and maybe even a buddy for Peanut.

This is difficult. I would like a lot of things for my parrots but none of them really fit in to “parrot product” as basically my wants include having my own property so I can kit out a good sized bird room with access to an outdoor flight. Other than that my birds already have a ton of toys, perches etc. I think I would have to upgrade my perches to even better ones which work better with the size of the cages I have. In fact speaking of cages, one which was easy to come apart and put back together for ease of cleaning in a flat would be perfect, Ollies cage is too darn fiddly and Harlies cage doesn’t dismantle at all apart from the tray. I manage cleaning them ok but to be able to take them apart to stack in the shower on a more regular basis for a good scrub down and rinse would be lovely.