What does everyone think about hybrids

just wanting to know what everyone thing about hybrids.alot of people disagree with it but i dontwhere i live there is large flocks of corellas and galahs and there is even about 3 or 4 galah cross corellas why do people not like them but are ok with a long billed hybridising with a short bill corella.there is even another large flock of galahs that hang around and i always see 1 weiro in the group

i’m against all breeding.right now there are already too many homeless birds. rescues are overflowing with birds that they are struggling to come up with funds to support.

I agree with you shouldnt be trying to breed birds to get a certain color[or whatever their doing].I think its crazy they think they should be charging the most for them too.They have been around awhile so I dont think the mentallity should be to exclude them [they need homes too]Harlows a hybrid and shes such a great bird .I finally found a rescue near me .I really understand the importance of checking into that thanks to your posts on here.Grey Moon,Penny and Marie.I need to do my part because Im not afraid of big birds.Im looking into a macaw I like hybrids:D s and Greenwings but in the end I will go with the Macaw that pics me .

I agree that breeding in captivity in general needs to be cut back.Priceyboy- I don’t think that the concern that people have with hybrids applies to wild flocks.On a somewhat related note, has anyone else noticed how small these “beautifully colored” green cheek conures that they’re selling nowdays are? I am wondering if they are breeding green cheeks with something else in order to get these colorings, because the birds that have the colorings are so much smaller than my green cheek. They don’t even seem like green cheeks to me, but the petstores around here insist that they are. I wish I could get a picture to post on here. For now, this is all I have:This is how big and one of the colorings of the ones they claim are green cheeks at the petstore:http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=pl … tmdMnzJW4#!This is how big my green cheek is (he’s like “what are we doing, Mom?”):

Charlieandkiwi, you are right, something looks wrong with the greencheek in the video. it’s head looks to large for its body, while your bird looks perfectly proportionate. it never crossed my mind that breeders could be breeding greencheeks with something else. hmm…

no matter how much breeding cuts back all new bird owners still want the hand reared babies and not an older rescue bird.3 i prefer to adopt rescued birds 4 out of my eight were rescued.even though people disagree with the hybrids if one day hybrids take over in the wild and the original species gets bred out then theirs not much we can do but sit back and go with it.also that conure is cute but its body is like a lovebirds body with a big conure head and his face coloring is different.

i translated the youtube page and found out it was called a pearly conure

I’m not saying anyone on here is confused but I do tend to find that alot of people don’t get the differences between hybrids, mutations etc.Whilst hybrids are a cross between two species, I have to say I don’t agree with this practice more than I disagree with breeding mutations. Hybrids can have health issues of course but they are usually infertile so cannot go on to pass on their dodgy mutated genes to future generations. LIke I say, I don’t agree with it because there are so many endangered birds that these parrots could be used for conservation or something rather than fueling some stupid desire for the pet trade, but there are worse things. Hybrids in the wild happens sometimes, its becoming more common because numbers of certain species are declining. Unless natural genetic mutation dictates then hybrids will not take over because they are infertile (at least in most parrot species, im not sure if it applies to all of them). Things will either continue as they are with the odd hybrid appearing OR the hybrids and the original species will eventually die out.Mutation birds are inbred to some extent, if not completely inbred, where mum has been mated to son so there is an increased chance of producing chicks with a specific look. So mum is a slightly lighter colour than a normal bird, 1 out of the 4 chicks is also a slightly lighter shade than the normal and happens to be male… the breeder likes this lighter shade so breeds them together to increase the chances of a similar coloured offspring and so on…wayhey eventually we have a new colour, nothing wrong with that until you realise that you may have doubled the chances of getting this new colour but you have also doubled the chances of bad things like cancer, artritis etc. This is the worst examples, most probably aren’t this inbred but you get the picture?There is a reason why incest is illegal and its not because its pretty disgusting to get it on with your sibling… The same laws should apply to all animals. Species will still change over time of course but there is no way that you will get 3 brand new colours in the space of 30 years either.Regarding the video, I dont think it is a green cheek, it looks more similar to a pearly but not 100% on that one. I dont know if it is inbred, underweight, sick, young, deformed slightly or if it is the camera angle but I don’t actually think it is a hybrid from looking at it. I’m no expert though, it might be but if you look at budgies and cockatiels bred for the pet trade these birds are actually getting smaller- particuarly the “fancy coloured birds”, some I have seen lately aren’t much bigger than a canary, taller but very slender/skinny looking.

i know about mutations i think a mutation that naturally occurs is ok but i disagree with it if its being bred to be that color or other colors.i once saw a galah in the wild it had all white wings with its body still being pink and also when i got a close look at the galahs around my area i noticed a few pieds.i think that hybrids parrot are ok in captivity there not like dogs which breed all year round and can have many offspring they usually only lay once a year and have about 3 eggs which dont all survive.they cant be bred fast enough for the original species to get bred out and theres not as many bird breeders as there is dog or cat breeders.if two different species of birds can mate than thats ok its like when different races of humans have a kid it has features from both sides of the parent but doesnt make it wrong