What happens to your Parrots after you're gone

I apologise if anyone thinks I’m being morbid but I know I’m not alone in worrying about this.Has anyone made definite plans for their birds ? I know we are all in different situations and have different options so I thought it could be a subject for discussion.I will tell you the options that I have and hope we can all share our plans and ideas.I have three. One is to rehome whilst I’m still here. Two would be a sanctuary and three to rely on my son to find her a home. That’s all.I know one person locally who has birds and would not allow her to go there whatsoever. I have written down everything about Liseth but that’s all I have done.

The saddest one I heard was an elderely lady who made arrangements that when she died all her parrots were put down as she didn’t trust anyone to care for them as she had. They were all microchipped and registered at a vets for this eventuallity. Not good.My daughter loves parrots and she will have ours.

Oh my that really is sad I wouldn’t want to go to that extreme.

All my kids go to my son in my will. My daughter is not a responsible person. It will be up to him to keep them or find them good homes. I trust him he has my beliefs that they are all little beings. He would keep them if a [i]better home did not come up. I also have a thread on this forum to keep others informed as to what their personalities are and what they have been up to. My son has the info to get here in hopes if he cannot keep one he can find a friend in here who would take good care of it.

I had plans but I have come to realize that leaving them to a daughter, a son or whoever doesn’t really work so, right now (this could change, of course), I am thinking of rehoming them when I get too old to care for them but, if I happen to drop dead, my husband and the daughter here in USA have orders to call two good rescues that I know of. I only have one pair that could go to a sanctuary (Zeus and Precie YNA), the rest would not do well there, they need to have a human of their own.

My son is like me that the critter gets fed first. Trimming dog toe nails come before things he needs to do for himself. I have no fear that my son will do as good or better than me when he gets my pets. Heck, they are all in his house right now though I don’t like having them confined in rooms. If Charles rehomes any they will go to someone better able to care for them than he can. He is now learning which one is which by sight and sound.

Oh, I wasn’t talking about love for animals or the will and ability to care for them properly, I have a couple of kids that would work out that way and who also happened to have married people who are also animal lovers so that is not the issue for me. I am talking about whether their circumstances will allow for them having parrots and whether the parrots choose them. I would much rather my parrots went to people they chose and has chosen, on their own, to commit to a parrot than somebody who, although will take good care of them, is doing it mostly out of a sense of responsibility and love for me.

I know what you mean. I wouldn’t even ask my son because he works full time and has a young family. As much as they love animals it would be too much for them to take on and neither would it be fair on Liseth. If you’re in the position to be able to hand down to family then you’re very lucky.I once knew a couple with an African grey they inherited from his parents and had previously belonged to his Grandad. I thought it was wonderful especially as the current owner had loved the bird from his childhood.

That is, indeed, wonderful, Lady - but there aren’t that many ‘happy ending’ stories like that one…

It’s the only good ending that I know of