What is a Parrot Seminar

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@P3photos mentioned they were going to a parrot seminar and I was wondering what that is exactly? what is there to do at one, how long do they last, and what is the main goal of parrot seminars?

Laura Joseph (she is a parrot expert) is going to be at the rescue I volunteer at. This is the first time she is coming there. I think it is going to be around 2 hours and hopefully she will go over things like behavior and things like that. Since a lot of us foster birds we want to make sure we are all on the same page and doing what is right for the birds and being consistent. For instance when we get birds in one of the first things we do is switch their diet to a pellet / fresh food diet. Also they are going to have a toy, food and cage sale (I only ever buy these things from the rescue and am getting low on my littles food). Also before the seminar they are doing to have grooming so I need to bring up at least 2 of my flock to be groomed.


that is awesome! I wonder if they have anything in Florida like that. I volunteer at a local bird sanctuary there.

Its definitely worth a try talking to the rescue. This is the first time she is coming to the rescue and we are all so excited. Shame you aren’t closer it is a free event and open to the public. Last I heard there are about 90 people that have RSVP.

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Omg! 90 people? That is awesome. I assume they are all bird lovers :slight_smile: Take some pictures and Let us know how the even goes! Try not to bring home any snuggle buddies!

Yep we are all crazy bird people. Think I might need to bring the truck to get another cage for my one too. That’s the problem is the ones that snuggle. I am a sucker for those ones. Our last adoption he loves to snuggle or play. There is no in between with him.

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Lol, omg I know! Our baby cockatiel snuggles with us and it melts our heart. She bites ears too :smile: image|230x500

oh my goodness you have an amazing snuggle buddy. Only the newest addition snuggles like that. The rest are happy to be close or sitting on us but no real snuggle.

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Is that your newest addition? So beautiful!!

She is #3.
#1 We have an elenora cockatoo she is beautiful! Has a vocab of over 100 words and phrases. Total split personality and will go from wanting scratches to trying to destroy you.
#2 a cockatiel that came from a hoarding situation
#3 amy my macaw. My first try fostering. 2 weeks in she was calling me mom. I couldn’t give up on her. Anyone can hold her but I am the only one that can touch her and love on her.
#4 a week after we got Amy got the call from a friend she needed to get rid of her tiel. Well long story short our tiel fell in love with him so he is here to stay.
#5 our newest is an umbrella too who is amazing. For some reason I can’t attach pics I just took on my phone so after work I will get him out and get a pic.

this is our newest goober.