What is my Quaker doing?

I have a 1 and a half year old Quaker named Ace, he is a pretty good boy all round except for one bit of behaviour I don’t understand, I don’t even know if I can put it down in words but i will try, he seems to be having some sort of fit, his head quivers and shakes and turns in all directions while he is squawking and yelling and making so much noise we cant hear ourselves think!!! why does he do this? Help, we are going deaf!!! Donna

Sounds alot like the normal quaking behaviour which is how they got their name. Apparently most will grow out of it but some will revert back to it occasionally.How do you react when he does it?

My husband is putting him into another room as he won’t tolerate the noise!(which makes him just screech all the more!) I say his name to get his attention but when he see’s that i don’t have anything really great to do or say to him he just reverts back to screeching!! If he doesn’t grow out of it, is there anything we can do to help him?? he does it whether he is in or out of his cage…

you can turn away from him or leave the room and only answer when he is making a noise you like.putting him away in another room is not going to work.the best way i learned to get my to stop doing things i don’t want is to look away from her so she can see i’m not impressed.