What is the best way to convince Galileo that

…she does NOT want to try to do the hen-wiggle bow for my hand??? I need to let her down gently…but um… Yeah. Should I walk away and leave her when she does that?- put her in her cage? Whistle innocently, turn away, and pretend to be fascinated by the wall? She’s getting a little frisky today…

Do your best to ignore this behavior. Jessie gets frisky with me when I’ve been cuddling too long. Once he starts I put him away in his cage until he calms down.

I had a similar situation like Izver’s. Where I was scratching Diamond’s head for a bit last night and I guess she really liked it. She started nipping at me and moving her head for more. And then I decided to move her onto the cage so she could calm down and I could get some work done… She basically became boomerang bird. I’d put her down and she’d fly onto my head a couple times. Until I just had to place her down and disappear. Oh dear

I agree, putting them down and walking away is the best thing.It normally works with my Lovebird. Mind you, he normally goes to a feeding frenzy (aka trying to feed me) before getting overly frisky so by moving him when he tries to feed me cuts it down even sooner.