What parrot are you most like?

Just thought this would be a fun post! So what parrot are you most like in terms of personality? Not necessarily what type of parrot you would like to have, but which parrot’s traits and quirks best match yours?As for me, I probably most identify with a 'too . My partner agrees. I tend to be loud, needy, clingy, and neurotic. On the other hand I can also be quite comical and affectionate. What about you?

I’m probably like a budgie haha. I enjoy people’s company, but I can also be on my own for a few days and be just fine. I like cute things and enjoy learning and I’m pretty easy to get along with!

lovebird lovebird lovebird! i’m like a love bird. always making a havoc, but usually making everyone laugh at the end of the day, and always remaining busy with SOMETHING! (thats what my friend says any way… ““no wonder my lovebirds like u”” she’d add)