What random music does your parrot like best?

I’ve been experimenting to different kinds of music to see which relaxes or excits my little conure.His favorite is traditional Brazillian music. Considering it’s where hes from, I like to believe he understands it and it reminds him of home. I leave brazillian radio on for him when I go out and he seems really happy and relaxed listening to it.Sometimes I play some traditional swiss music (without the excessive yodelling ) and he really seems to love it too. Maybe just coz he knows it’s where his mom is from so he better not dare judge it. hehe. I keep telling him that I’m gonna move back soon and I’m taking him with me so that he can fly around in the alps

I just caught my bird bobbing her head and "dancing" too a MGMT mix

My birds respond to all different types of music. Einstein will bob his head when he hears anything with a good beat. The budgies always go quiet when I play the beatles.But nothing gets them going like hearing the sounds of wild birds.

"Jake" is a lead head , she loves to sing along with Robert Plant

I’ll sing “somewhere over the rainbow” to her and she gets pretty vocal right along with me asides from that she’ll tap her beak against a hard surface when I play a song with a good beat to it. I even catch her with the beginings of a jerky dance once in a while…

Mine likes Pink Floyd She easily grumbles when music is too loud, but not when it’s Pink Floyd. If it’s Pink Floyd, no matter what, it’s ok!

I forgot to mention opera, like Snakes said , Amazons love their opera.

@snakesentwinedNIce taste in music by the way:) the fact you mention opera reminds me of my favorite youtube parrot video. Would be brilliant to get a parrot to do this haha.I think opera must be universally liked by parrots due to the high notes and different pitches…maybe explains the swiss yodelling music Loro likes??? Has anyone heard of tried this cd “while you were gone- songs for birds” something like that. Supposed to play it while you’re out and the parrots love it. I tried listening to the samples but I thought it was a bit dull. Jungle sounds, piano and some weird lady telling stories inbetween