What size should we make our pics?

I noticed some pics have scroll bars.If I want the largest pic possible what are the largest dimensions, in pixels, we can post if we don’t want scroll bars?

Michael wrote:575pxHorizontal, vertical or both?Here’s a screen capture example of the problem . . .

Oh carp.Of course the software cut off the pics . ggrrrr.Both had blue scroll bars on horiz and vertical parts.

Test . . . this was was saved in iPhoto as a PNG with 560 px size:This was saved as 599 px size, notice a tiny bit of the right side is missing:

Saved as PNG 350 px: Saved as PNG 1000 px, notice MUCH of the right side is missing:

Notice how the one save as 1000 px just cut off the right side, instead of adding scroll bars?I wonder why.

Linked pics (IMG tags) get caught off beyond 575px. Attached images get scroll bars around 500-575px don’t remember exactly. The best way to post photos on the parrot forum is to resize your photos to exactly 575px wide (or less) and proportionate height but not more than 800px high. Then post to photobucket, flickr, or some other website and use the IMG tags. Attachments don’t work as well and slow things down.

Good reference photos. Thanks Kenny.

Thanks, Michael.So, correct me if I’m wrong but the max this forum allows is 575 px horizontal x 800 px vertical.Anything larger in either dimension will be chopped down to that size.Good to know.Surprising that vertical was the chosen orientation since most pics are horizontal.