What species of bird would you be?

If you were a bird?In a different thread, a conversation veered slightly off-topic, and the question came up. It’ll be fun to hear what people think - and it’s not what bird you’d want to be, it’s what species you would be based on your personality and preferences. As for myself, I’m not too sure - maybe something cuddly and clowny like a conure (but definitely a species with a good bite!)

I think I’d be an african grey, sometimes smart, definitely moody :stuck_out_tongue: occasionally playful and loud but for the most part quiet and sensitive :stuck_out_tongue:

I would be a species that is overly energetic, playful, yet can be loud and aggressive when provoked. Not too social. Hm. I was thinking cockatoo, but they’re crazy social… BAHAHAHA I sound like Galileo!!! So after thinking about it I think I’d be a caique! Too funny!!!

A raptor. Preferably a golden eagle because it has true freedom and is near the top of the food chain.

I’d be an owl. There’s something powerful, yet beautiful about them.

I’d say an Amazon. I see a lot of myself in Mojo . We seem to really understand eachother. He’s quiet until he gets really excited, he loves to play but is just as content to just chill out, he gets defensive over nothing, he loves to cuddle and play with the few people he loves but doesn’t trust anybody that’s not in his immediate social circle. Oh, and he has a wicked temper that flares up spontaneously. My husband would say we share that trait .

A quiet Cockatoo or a cuddly African Grey. Which might come around to a Cape Parrot… hmm…

African Grey for me. Can be fun or moody or act like a clown but quite sensitive.

I would be a bird of prey . . possibly a hawk, eagle or peregrine falcon . . something like that

OK totally lied. I WOULD BE A PHOENIX!!!"Cause like the mythological phoenix…I don’t really exist… Mwahahahaha! OK kidding. It just feels like that sometimes.