What the Internet Can See From Your Parrot Pictures

Check out this article that was posted on the website of the New York Times recently - What the Internet Can See From Your Cat Pictures. (this is relevant to parrots pictures too ) It warns about the dangers of GPS data in pictures you take.In a nutshell, if you take pictures of your parrots with a smartphone that has geotagging turned on and post them online, strangers can learn where your house is by looking at the GPS data hidden in the pictures. You can turn geotagging off or use a picture anonymizer to get rid of the GPS data, before you post the pictures online.

Thank you for this information. I am sure that there are many people who are still blissfully( or unblissfully) aware of this information, and even if they are aware of it forget about it. I have known about the geotagging for several years, although I don’t usually give it a lot of thought either.