What to do when your bird hates their own kind

So we thought about getting another bird. We go to a very nice bird shop to see what’s out there. It’s where we take Emmi to get her nails done because she loves seeing the other birds and likes to pick her own toys. She loves car rides too and it’s a short drive. Plus it’s like going to the vet once a month. I get to ask questions and they check her over. Very clean place and very knowledgeable staff. My problem is…Emmi hates all other birds, but Rainbow Lorys. When rolling by the other Green Cheeks in the cart, they climb up to see her and dance for her. She turns her back. She’s not even interested in seeing them at all. They contact call and she just acts like they are not there. But when we roll by a Lory…oh man. She’s excited! She says, “Hi Emmi! Emmi Emmi Emmi!!!” and dances herself. She tries to get through the bars to them and they will do flips for her. The problem is, I don’t know if it’s good for me to take on a nectar eating bird. Emmi’s diet is already very involved. Do we have time for this? Is it even a great idea to mix the two together? I would have to get two cages for sure. I’m worried about her doing damage to the Lory if she gets territorial like I’ve read GCCs can. She also loves some of the colorful big birds, but I cannot handle a big bird. They freak me out! Lol Not a good option because of this and fear of the big bird attacking her. But I’d say that another GCC might be out because she either turns her back or moves way away from them. Once she got really angry at a friendly GCC and sat there complaining even after we moved along. I would love to get another GCC. I see them all the time for adoption on the bird rescue site…but not if she hates them! Any advice? I’ve already been through owning two cats that hated each other until they died. I don’t want to go through that kind of thing again! But it would be nice to have two birds for company and we have the room to take in a bird in need of a loving home.

In my house, it’s the opposite way around. Peanut is really interested in Steve and Diva, but they both yell at her to go away. To my knowledge, she’s never met another GCC unless she had siblings when she was young (I got her at a pet shop, and according to her band and her certificate, she’s from Florida.)I don’t know too much about lory diet but I’ve heard they’re real show-offs and love attention.I would be worried about jealousy, though- they could both end up jealous of one another. Peanut doesn’t really mind Steve, and we always have two people in the room when they’re both out. So far, she doesn’t seem too upset about the others unless I’m giving them her seeds. Lories are cut and colorful but they sound like a handful to me.

I am not sure its possible to judge from such short visits, it might still be that a parrot of the same species is your best bet. Its actually the most likely scenario.BUT, they can be friends with birds from different species, mine being just one example out of many. I’d still try to find a birds as close to and similar as possible to your GCC, which is what I did with Leroy when looking for a second bird.

I agree with cml, it would be hard to determine whether Emmi would get along with a particular bird on short visits. But be warned that if you get another GCC – yours being a DNA female and if you get a male – they might be mates and then Emmi’s attitude towards you (if she sees you as her mate) could change.I’m not experienced with GCC but from what I’ve heard/read, they’re similar to Sennies in that they CAN be bullies as well as very jealous and possessive. I had an avian vet tell me that if I were to add another bird to my own flock, my sennie would do better with a larger bird – such as a 'zon or a grey – that can defend itself to the bold Senegal. Senegals are known to kill other birds that are smaller, and it is the same with GCC – I’ve read about GCC attacking budgies, for instance. You may request having your GCC be introduced to the RL outside of cages, under supervision, and see how they react. If it goes okay, continue the visits with gradual integration. Still, there’s no guarantees that they will like each other in the long run as the dynamic can change once they’re in the home together.

We are welcome to introduce birds if our birds are in good health, but I’m a little worried about that. It’s an option though. We would for sure get a female. I do not want to have a bunch of baby birds! Lol You are all right, it’s hard to tell in just a short time, even if we spend over an hour or two there when we visit. It’s really a family outing…lol But nice people there. Fun to swap stories with other bird owners. I’ve read that GCCs can be friendly, even with a mate or bird friend. I’m hoping that’s true, but know that it can go either way. The jealousy thing is what I’m worried about mostly. I do not want injuries or stress. Lorys seem to be show offs for sure, but so is Emmi. She shows some jealousy when I talk to someone else while holding her, unless I look at her while talking. She will start to “mean bite” (not very hard, but just quickly pecks) and grumble. Other then that, she spends equal time with all of us with no problems. I guess we have more thinking and research to do. Big step! Today I found that I might have a medical issue that would require meds that might be harmful to birds through touch so we will have to wait until test results come back anyway. So not what I expected!!! I didn’t walk into the doctor’s office for this news. It’s going to suck not being able to touch Emmi for a few weeks to a month if this is so. I might have to stay with my cousin at that time because it might not be best to be around my husband with his medical issues either, but we are just trying to figure things out now. I’m just hoping for the best.