What to do with birds during renovations

So for some background information my Green Cheek Conure currently lives in our kitchen. We r going into summer in Australia, Melburne and my family is starting to do some renovations. The main noisy things will be the jack hammering which will go on for about 4 days. Their will also be some wall ripping etc but the main concern is the jack hammering. Because it is so noisy and stressful I am not sure what to do with him. I could send him to my grandmothers but he would be stuck in his cage 24/7, beyond that she has a dog. My fam wouldn’t let a vet hold him for a few days which I guess I can understand but i could push for it. I am thinking of putting him into an upstairs pool area outside. The problem is I may have to leave him there. It is a large space with a window and curtain, like a barbecue area. It is still close to the jack hammering but is further away.
Does anyone have any experience with this? Can I leave him outside 24/7, it may rain but he would be undercover, idk about if it will be to cold during the night and if that will be too bad for him, prob wont dip below 11-14 max. I am also worried if he will get stressed or scared. During our last stint of renovations for upstairs which ended a few weeks ago, he started to damage his feathers.
If anyone body has any knowledge about this, plz help.