Whats with the cage

Ok when we got rio our IRN he came in a ok sized cage. But I wanted him to have the best so I got him a 6ft corner cage with standing food bowls and a ladder on top.BUT when ever he is in this cage or even just sat on top he is so aggressive any other time he steps up is happy to be held…(not petted) and eat from your hand. but the second he is in or on this cage its like holding a vampire bat.im not sure if its an age thing he has just turned 13 mths and I know what kids are like when they hit that in years

Probably cause you punish stepping off. Try to make it positively reinforcing instead.

??? stepping off ???we dont mention stepping off and he is fine when in his smaller cage.does not matter if its first thing in the morning or late at night he wont let us near him when on or in the cage

Your irn could be going through its bluffing (puberty) stage, which irns are extremely notorious for. The important thing is, don’t make a negative experience out of it, b/c it does end.In the mean time, do training exercises with it in the cage. You can do things like target and turn around inside the cage, making it fun for the irn for you to be near the cage.

It sounds to me that Rio really really really likes his new cage and is afraid you will take it back. I hope you moved the old one out of his sight.