What's your parrot destroyed?

Heh, heh, heh. Thought I’d start a thread on what’s your bird destroyed that it shouldn’t have. Lemme think, there’s been so much over the years. . .My old M2 ate my roommate’s exercise bike and I had to buy my friend a new one, he ate the seats in our old van (mind you, it happened one chunk at a time over several years). Drywall in the livingroom of a house I rented - I don’t recall who did that. My current little parrotlet put a dime-size hole in my bedroom wood wall paneling within five minutes, despite her access to about 20 different toys that were closer (don’t tell my husband, I don’t think he’s noticed yet). Ducky the sun conure just discovered it’s fun to eat the faux leather seats in the truck. My old african grey chunked an antique china cabinet my parents gave me for a wedding gift; she ate a portable DVD player.My old G2 - all the buttons off every remote, my brother’s glasses while they were on his face, jewelry - fugetaboutit, little ceramic figurines on the fireplace mantle (she climbed up there and had a good time grabbing them in her feet and flinging them to the wood floor, then cocking her head to watch, repeat until I came in the room screaming, “Sally! Whaaatttt aaaarrrrreee yooouuuu ddooooiiinnggg???”). There’s so much more destruction from the G2, but I think I have PTSD and have blocked it from my memory forever.

When I was a little kid, my parents had a Moluccan cockatoo. He chewed through the woodwork behind his cage every place they put his cage. And quite frankly, I don’t blame the bird because they were awful to him. My parakeets only destroy newspaper, so it’s no big deal. I’ve caught Pigpen starting to try and chew on the wall, but because I’m only ever 5 feet away from them at most, I put a stop to it rather quickly.

…Well, I guess mine is a doll. I never cage him either.

I use a shower curtain and shower hooks to cover Rico’s cage, and he likes to take the hooks off and drop them on the floor… They are some kind of ceramic and they shatter, but the metal part of the hooks are still fine. He’s thought about chewing the wood frame of a mirror that’s behind and to the left of his cage, but I caught him trying to and now I pull his cage away from the wall. Besides that,just toys.

My laundry basket. All 3 of them. It was a wicker basket. They chewed so much, that one day I picked it up by the handles, and it snapped. It’s my own fault though, I liked seeing them playing together nicely

Ours are actually pretty good, having primarily destroyed toys actually meant for the purpose and the occasional Kleenex box. However, Scooter has a real predilection for anything rubber-textured and if I leave the phone on its charging stand when he’s on my desk, he goes for the keys. They are beginning to look awfully ratty although the phone is still servicible. And the rubber wheel on my cordless mouse is about done for as well.

anything important, homework. assignments. job application forms

A list of things destroyed by birds I’ve had over the years…TV remote buttons, sheet music, books, shirt buttons, jewlery, fleece throw, curtains, lamp shades, clothing, etc…

My parakeets have destroyed my Xbox (4 years ago)My Sun Conure destroyed a TelevisionJenday destroyed my fish tankMy precious little Amy (4 month old parrotlet) destroyed a spinach plant.

Ilovebirds - my daughter sends her condolences to you and your Xbox. Love your stories everyone! Just give it a few years, y’all be adding to the list. . .