Whats your parrots

…currently doing?Ollie is amusing me, he has a small baby rattle which he is attacking visciously. Every now and again he stops for a few seconds and appears to kick it before going into a full on rage again. Nothing unusual there as he frequently beats up his toys, the kicking thing is unusual though.Harlie is just sitting quietly watching the rabbit hop round the room.

Cassette is currently nuzzled into my neck after a bath, while I lay on my bed browsing this form.

Both parrots are out, sitting on a perch preening each other =).

mya is chewing their tree,from the bottom of course.penny is sitting on his potty watching me.

Kura is sleeping (it’s almost 22:30 here ) and quietly chirping in his sleep

Ringo - sitting under my chin holding on to the collar of my shirt Toby - sitting on the back of a chair on the other side of the room, hanging out and preening.

Bandit is sitting on top of his cage after escaping again and removing all the cable ties I put on the openings of the cage

Ollie wondering why everything is turning white.

Wow Marie, ollie is huge!

Kura is eating breakfast and looking at his new toy (like a cupboard with drawers for food) - he got it yesterday and still isn’t very cool around it