Where do you source your bird items from?

		Where do you source your bird items from???

				Pet Shop (Chain)
				Pet Shop (Not Chain)
				Specialty Bird Shop
				Feed Store
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				Total votes : 30

I was having a think the other day about where people get their bird things from. I’m amazed at times at just how much people pay for their bird products because where they buy them from. I don’t quite understand why many people choose to buy things (toys, feed) from chain pet shops, apart from their bad reps when it comes to the treatment of their animals, I find they don’t often stock very much in the way of birds at all! That being said, there may well be chain pet stores out there that have a much better range of bird things than my own local ones.We’ve always gotten our bird feed (seed, pellets, millet spray) and bedding from our local feed store, which I also get all my (copious amounts of) horse feed from, because I buy so much from there, and have been doing so for a fair while, the owners are quite nice and always ready for a chat, as well as offering discounts or simply rounding down the total price to the nearest 0 (eg., $77 down to $70), they often send me home with little treats for the birds or free wormers for the horse. They’re also very used to seeing me come into the store with a bird on my shoulder, and will at times ask me to test their new seed mixes on our birds.Any toys are bought from either a few local non-chain pet shops, supermarkets or I make them myself.

Most of my bird stuff comes from online. We only have PETsMART and PetCo close to me and I find their bird toy prices to be a bit insane and their selection not that great. I have a long list of favorited sites for birds that I’ll order that stuff from. I also use E-Bay a lot for bird items. I buy my seed mix on E-Bay through Alta Loma Seed Company. I’ve gotten both of my bird cages on E-Bay. I’ve gotten toys from A Bird Toy on E-Bay, but I also go to their website as well. There is a specialty bird store around here that I’ve been meaning to check out, but I haven’t had the ability to yet. Part of this is because I’m terrified I’ll go in there and have no money left when I come out!

i didnt really know what to select… our birdfood (zupreem) i get from our avian vet. there arent many stores in denmark that sell good quality birdfood so i get it there. and toys i make myself. i will sometimes buy some toys from petstores so i can take them apart and make more toys from them but i dont do that often. but i guess my answer would be pet store, a chain here in denmark.

There we are, I’ve edited the poll so you can pick more than one thing.

Practically anywhere I can buy them from.

I buy cat food and litter regularly from the PetSmart that is very close to our house, and I sometimes buy bird stuff there as well, although they don’t carry most of the pellets we use or good quality seeds and nuts. Occasionally I’ll buy a toy there, but not often. Mostly I make toys and I buy most of the toy parts online. Food, nuts, etc. I buy either online or from one of two local parrot stores. The prices are higher at the stores, not least because of the sales tax, but both are IMO worthy of supporting. When it comes tot hings like playstands and toys, it is nice to have chance to see what you are buying in person. Quality, size etc. can be hard to judge online, even when you are good with weights and measures.

http://ParrotWizard.comWell since I’m selling this stuff, I have tons of parts left over for use on toys for my own birds. Even before making some of the items available for sale, I’ve been making a lot of my own bird things simply because the right stuff wasn’t available to buy. I make many of my own parrot trick training props or find new uses for people toys on my birds (if you see anything I use in my videos I don’t have available for sale online that you’re interested in buying, let me know cause I can usually work out an arrangement on a custom prop order).However, I still do purchase other things that I can’t make at a few local parrot stores though. Even with my own toy making production, I like to find alternative stuff that’s not in my realm of production for my birds. I totally recommend my toys to everyone but I think variety is key and sometimes you have to find it from other manufacturers. For this reason I’ll even buy toys on clearance/sale at chain stores because their stuff can be different than what I usually come across.


Most of what I buy now is on online stores targeting parrots.I do still go to a local pet store which is not part of a chain and who has knowledgeable staff and that give great care to the few animals they have in the store.

Pet stores mostly, like PetsMart and Olivers. I also shop online, and have one online store I absolutely love…but the shipping costs make me avoid it as often as possible. It costs less for me to shop at chain stores, but the selection is less than ideal. I’m in Canada. All the good stores are American.

Nevermore wrote:I’m in Canada. All the good stores are American.Funny you say that. I’m American and have found some great stores, but have three Canadian shops I’ve been wanting to order from… and avoiding for shipping and customs charges.