Where we've been

So…err…we’re back…again!Moving into a new apartment in three weeks (woo more gypsy travelling!)Jacko and I are still playing around with a fresh diet—she regrew some feathers and actually almost grew back an entire spot that has been bald for her entire life! She has regressed since then but the big permanent feathers are still there—its just the immature feathers and down that she plucked out again. Good news: her calcification has not progressed and she has not shown any cardiac/oxygen issue symptoms! So for now she’s stable and in the clear. We got to the bottom of those chronic sinus infections too…turns out the poor girl had some longstanding subclinical aspergillosis issues that came to a head this winter after all the rounds of antibiotics. She’s due for her sixth week follow-up tomorrow morning so I will update on her as soon as I know whats going on. The aspergillosis was caught early, is being treated with three different meds as well as echinacea and pau d’arco. Lesson: don’t wait for symptoms and know that sometimes symptoms don’t present either in classic formation or at all. Jacko for example never presented any classical sinus infection signs (no labored breathing, no discharge, excessive sneezing etc)—the worst she got was a bit of redness on her face and swelling. Later on no redness or anything, I would just know…and the test would confirm a new infection. I know now that any sneezing for her is abnormal and I can tell when it flares up as I’ll notice she’ll start sneezing.The aspergillosis too—the only symptoms she had was some subtle weight loss, itching and the reoccuring sinus issues. I went out on a limb, felt convinced she had it, pushed the vet to test and voila! Aspergillosis. So, good to be back. I feel it necessary to explain that I haven’t abandoned you guys I swear, I suffer from a dissociative disorder so I sometimes ‘wake up’ weeks/months later and don’t know exactly where or what I’ve been up to or experience sudden shifts in identity/wants/needs. It can make me staying here difficult. But I swear lol I’m coming back