Which US Presidents Had Parrots?

http://realfacts.snapple.com/whitehousezoo/Turns out McKinley had a Yellow Headed Amazon, Andrew Jackson a Parrot, and James Madison a Macaw.


Thanks Kili! Teddy Roosevelt had a parrot too, a Hyacinth Macaw named "Eli Yale"

Not an American President, but Winston Churchill, the Prime Minister of England, had a blue and gold macaw.

Other famous parrot owners include: Dolly Madison - rescued a parrot from the burning White House during the War of 1812.Martha Washington - "Polly the Parrot", George Washington is said to have hated the bird. J. F. Kennedy - owned a canary and budgies Bluebell and Marybell.Lyndon B. Johnson - owned lovebirds.Rutherford B. Hayes - owned canaries.Warren G. Harding - owned canaries.Ulysses S. Grant - owned an unspecified parrot.Calvin Coolidge - owned canaries and mockingbirds.Grover Cleveland - owned canaries.N.Y. governor Cuomo and wife own an Umbrella cockatoo.King George V - owned Charlotte, an African Grey. Queen Victoria - owned Coco, an African Grey.Dutchess of Lennox - owned an African GreyHenry VIII - owned an African Grey, which I hope ended up better off than Anne Boleyn and Katherine Howard.

I got that same snapple fact! I was learning about mckinley at the time too