Why do some of my GCC's feathers turn brown after bathing?

After she is done bathing I noticed that some of her feathers are brown. But when she dries off the feathers are green again. Why does this happen? And why does it only happen to some feathers?

It has to do with the amount of water the feather is retaining and the fact that the green color is made out of yellow pigment and a special structure of the feather. The special structure makes it blue and the pigment on it that gives it the yellow and, when you put both of them together they make the final color of the feather: green. When you wet the feather enough, the structure kind of collapses until it’s dried up again so the blue disappears, leaving only the yellow pigment turned darker by the water and that’s why they look brown. Cool, isn’t it?!

That is very cool! Thanks!

Wow, I was wondering the same thing about my GCC! That is amazing!

Wow I hadnt even thought about why their feathers go brown! That is really cool!