Wildly off-topic; fish related

I know this is entirely unrelated to parrots, but my little betta buddy Captain Shakespeare died of dropsy a few days ago and I am sad. Where is Nathaniel when you need him, that wily little tetra??? I want to ask when I can add a new betta to my tank, as I have done a partial water-change and treated the water with Jungle Buddies anti-fungal tablets just in case the dropsy was parasitic or fungal-related. (I treated it when Captain Shakespeare presented symptoms, but by then it was too late. )Does anyone know a safe time-window? Humphrey the chinese algae eater is not displaying any signs of illness, but I treated him anyway and he is still in the tank. I am thinking of waiting a minimum of a month before I start the search for a baby betta, and am going to keep an eye on Humphrey to make sure he is OK… But just looking for anyone’s input.Thank you!

I’m so sorry to hear about your Captain From what I can tell there doesn’t seem to be a recommended grace period… But if it were me I would sanitize everything. Waiting a month sounds like a good plan though. And instead of me parroting (please excuse the saying) everything back; http://www.nippyfish.net/dropsy.html. Good luck with Humphrey!


Sorry about Captain Shakespeare. I know nothing about fish, so I’m no help there!

Different species may not be susceptible to infections/problems from certain kinds of bacteria. It’s probably a good idea to follow the directions of the medications you used to treat the tank in full (even though the fish died, pretend that it didn’t). Another solution is to start the tank completely over again (sanitize everything) and reestablish healthy bacteria levels while you house the remaining algae eater (or anything living in there) in a smaller tank temporarily.