Wing feather removed

My eclectus is just 6 months old male. Recently i had removed its right wing primary feathers. And now its been 19 days. Still no sign of growing back. So how long it takes to regrow?

2 years if kept to a solar schedule and a good diet. Now, your statement begs the question: why in the world would you cut or remove the primaries from one wing?

Its not true. Feather stick already started growing

Tmypittu wrote:Its not true. Feather stick already started growingIt does depend where they are in the moult cycle as to how long it takes but in general pajarita is correct and all species differ a bit. Why on earth did you do it in the first place, it’s downright cruel, much crueller than merely clipping the wings which is more than bad enough.

If your bird is molting now, unless you live in the Southern Hemisphere, it’s off-season so you must be keeping it to a human light schedule instead of a solar one as birds are supposed to be kept.