Witnessed Impulse Buys

Have you witnessed any impulsed buys made by other people? Have you made an impulse buy on a parrot yourself? Was the person that made the buy bad (ex. spoiled kid, rich people, first time owner etc. ) This 13 year old on another forum wanted a or as his first parrot. He claimed his experience was handling his friend’s birds and watching his sister. It’s not really a buy but goes along those tracks. I hope that macaw is going to be okay.Papaya-

It makes me shiver to think of it. I have heard such horror stories from my friends who know owners. Even my sister made me agry. She brought me a budgie that was close to death because she was keeping him in a room she did not use. It was awful. After nursing him back to health I rehomed him and told her it died.

I think for some people, impulse buying is an addiction type of thing. (I am getting like that with parrot supplies, I have money burning holes in my pocket, so go spend on my 4 birdies. With me though, I already have the birds and spending what money I have to keep my birds in the style to which they have come to expect ) But it really worries me sometimes what people will do, I work in retail.My bird purchases were well thought out and PLANNED. Animals are not inanimate objects that can be cast aside when the going gets tuff or the novely wears off. They are living, breathing, feeling animals who deserve to be treated with respect, care and love. I dont think you should be allowed to walk into any pet shop, breeder etc and just buy an animal. I think more responsibility should be placed on the sellers and purchasers to ensure the animals are going to be cared for properly (maybe potential buyers must attend classes) and are really what the buyer is after and capable of caring for. There should be an age thing as well or parental consent required (a 13yo and a macaw, come on! many adults struggle with these birds, let alone a 13yo child) I would like to see something like a license or contract required for ALL pets, you must visit the animal a number of times BEFORE purchasing (or you have to put in on "hold" for a week, think about it and then decide away from the animal whether this is what you REALLY want. Over here in Australia, when you buy a house, car etc, there is a cooling off period, where you can change your mind, same should be with animals) After taking it home, there should be a follow up from the seller at set intervals, all animals (or breeders) must be registered on a pet registry (well maybe not fish) I think something needs to be put in place to stop all the impulse buying of animals. I think the harder it is to buy animals "on the spot", the less will be abandoned and mistreated. Once people realise what they have to go through to get the animal, they might think twice about whether they really want it or not. I think a lot of people who impulse buy animals have second thoughts very early on, but by then they have the animal.I know the above is NOT GOING TO HAPPEN in this world because at the end of the day it all boils down to money. The sellers make the buck from the impulse buy (they tell the buyer that they need this this and this) more than they do from the knowledgable buy. For example, I got "done" today. My son just started guitar lessons, so I went and bought him a guitar, music stand, guitar cover and got told that the guitar tuner was more important than the music stand, which the guy considered a luxury. Yep, I bought the tuner. My son is 7yo, does he need a tuner? No, but I wanted to go home and just couldnt be bothered.Sorry this is so long winded but I am so sick and sad on hearing of all the animals that are being abandoned, abused etc. So many are put done every year because they are no longer wanted. Also, if it was harder to get the animal, there would be less demand which would then decrease the number of breeders - especially the ones who do not put the animals welfare at heart but are in it for the money. This is my opinion only, but things are really (financially) tuff in this world at the moment and I think the first to "feel it" will be the animals.

Mum you are so right.I am not PITA but I believe if you see or know of any critter in distress you should do something about it. I have people tell me they see this or heard of that and when I ask where they tell me it was last week or something.Why didn’t they do something about it.My brother’s sister in law had a Macaw closed in a bedroom in a cage for 5 years. He did not tell me until the poor thing died. I jumped all over him but he didn’t listen. That was like being in solitary confinement. Closed away like that they probably were not getting food and water to it on a regular basis.The sister in law lived in Maryland but I would have driven the distance and conviced her that the “bird was just too much of a burden on her and that I would take him off her hands”.That is how Rambo came to me. My friend had taken him from a neglectful acquantance of hers.When she could not care for him she was going to sell him. I stepped in and told her that she could not sell a child that has been loved and cared for like a baby for 10 years.The biggest parrot I had ever had was my little tiels. I wasn’t ready for an Amazon and I sure wasn’t ready for a Rambo. She sent him to me in a little travel cage that just was not big enough. So he lived on the dinning room table for a month before I could get his cage. I made room for him. Now he is the “leader of the pack”.DON’T BE AFFRAID TO SPEEK UP. DON’T BE AFFRID THAT YOU MIGHT EMBARRIS YOURSELF. DON’T BE AFFRAID THAT SOMEONE MIGHT GET MAD AT YOU. THESE ARE LITTLE BEINGS WITH MINDS AND SOULS AND UNDERSTANDING OF WHAT IS AROUND THEM.Okay - I’ll quite. It really hurts me to think of such sthings.

Animal abuse is such a plague. There are hundreds of parrots and other animals that are in need of a home and breeders keep cranking out more animals. As mum2rory said, it’s all about money. No staff member in a pet store cares about the health and well being of any of the animals. People who make impulse buys on living things are adding to the problem.Papaya-