Woohoo My Parrot Wizard Merch Has Arrived!

YAY, My parrot wizard merch arrived after 1-2 months after being lost in the mail. So this is a bunch of reviews so lets get this going.Pocket Perch: This item is just a must. I take it everywhere I bring my birds to for easy training and not a hassle when you need oneParrot Wizard Book:Really good book and still reading it. I actually bought 3, 2 for my friends and they both already read the book overnight and they said its really good.Popsicle_Paradise2 Months ago I Bought 110 Days Later:Ummm Truman where did did the toy go Looks on the ground Oh you chewed it up.Goes and orders 5 more

Sounds great. Sorry it took so long to get there? That’s strange? Must have been an international shipment to a country with some really probing customs… Glad you enjoy.